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Cara O'Brien 2.jpg


Cara O’Brien’s current sculptural series began when she casually filled an empty knot hole in an old board with some of her hand formed pinch pots. Inspiration followed and combined with her interest in growing things found in lakes, oceans, and on forest floors, she has continued to make work in which all of the individual parts blend together to make the entire piece purposeful and seamless.


Born and raised in West Michigan, Cara studied and explored drawing, painting, fiber arts, carving, and metals in settings both formal (at Central Michigan University) and informal (with mentor, artist and architect, Ray Jansma) before finding her artistic direction with mixed media sculpture.


When not searching for inspiring pieces of driftwood, rusted metal, or weathered boards, she can be found transforming lumps of porcelain clay into organic forms in her Whitehall, Michigan studio.

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